After responding to a disturbance at Hendrickson High School, police said a teen is in custody due to illegal knuckles allegedly found in her possession.

Police said officers responded to the disturbance on Tuesday involving several female students at the Pflugerville campus and that Assistant Principal Clarissa Alvarado conducted an administrative search on the students who were involved. A 17-year-old female student was reportedly seen with some type of electronic discharge weapon during the altercation.

After being escorted to administrative offices, court documents state that the students involved were searched individually with school resource officers standing outside for safety due to the suspicion that weapons could have been involved in the altercation.

Alvarado reported that she did not find a weapon while searching the student, though an officer said they observed her transfer the knuckles from another student's backpack into her own as they were waiting outside the office together. After which, the officer said they immediately took possession of both backpacks and conducted a probable cause search.

While searching the other student's bag, the officer said they found an electronic discharge weapon and a green pocket knife. Information on disciplinary measures taken toward this student were not immediately available.

Court documents state that the student later admitted to owning the illegal knuckles and said she had given them to the other student to conceal. She was placed in custody and charged for allegedly possessing a weapon in a prohibited area.