Pflugerville police are asking homeowners to be alert after two dogs were potentially poisoned in their yards.

The possible poisonings were both in the Creekside Neighborhood along Settlers Valley Drive, near Wells Branch Parkway. Pflugerville police said that homeowners have seen their dogs consuming foreign objects in their yards that the owners did not give them. One dog has died as a result.

Creekside Neighborhood Association President Pat Pingleton spoke to KVUE about what happened.

"The family's dog was poisoned with some meat that was laced with something poisonous and thrown over the face," Pingleton explained.

Police could not confirm how the dogs were potentially poisoned.

Pflugerville Animal Welfare Services recommends that pet owners always take the following precautions:

  • Check your yard for foreign objects.
  • If you find anything unusual, keep it in case your dog displays symptoms of illness or distress.

Symptoms of poisoning vary depending on the type of poison. If you think your dog may have been poisoned, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Pflugerville PD Chief Robledo also recommends that homeowners stay aware of their surroundings and any suspicious vehicles or people in their neighborhoods. If you see anything suspicious, call 512-670-5700 or email