Following recent reports of parking lot scams, police said they have arrested a suspect they believe stole money from parking lot customers.

According to court documents, police were patrolling the area when they noticed a man hanging around the public parking lot on the north curb of 200 E. Fifth St. Police said it's a known target where people pose as parking lot attendants to request money. The man was identified as Arnell Manning, 52, and had been reported as a suspect prior to the incident.

Police said that while observing the lot, a white pickup truck pulled in and they witnessed Manning approach the vehicle to have a conversation with the driver. Officers spoke with the driver after the suspect walked away and he reported that he obliged Manning's request to exchange a $20 bill for a parking stub.

Court documents state Manning had exited the lot and went into the Westin hotel, where police found him in the bathroom, detained him and returned him to the lot. While arresting him for theft, police said they found a $20 bill in the front pocket of his T-shirt.

Manning was found to have multiple convictions of theft, police said, making his current theft charge a state jail felony. Police said Manning was arrested in the same lot on July 28 for requesting money for parking and was charged with criminal simulation.

Police noted that Manning was very unapologetic about the theft during his arrest and stated he would be back in that parking lot again when he gets out.