A man reportedly being followed by another vehicle called police to report threats but was later arrested himself on multiple drug charges, police said.

On Nov. 21, police reported that a man called 9-1-1 after pulling over on the upper deck of North Interstate Highway 35 stating that he was being followed by a man in a Lexus. Police said the suspect reported the man made threats to him and earlier hit his driver's side mirror with a pipe stating he was looking for "his stuff."

The suspect, 41-year-old Fernando Alvarez, later moved his vehicle off the highway and met with police on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard so officials could make a report of the disturbance. During the investigation, police discovered that Alvarez had a warrant for failing to appear at a child support hearing, for which he was placed under arrest.

During a search of his vehicle, police said a backpack was found in the trunk containing three empty syringes, one syringe filled with a clear liquid, one filled with a brown liquid, a green pipe with a crystal-like residue in it, and two small glass bottles labeled as Naloxone. Inside the backpack police said a sunglasses case was also found, which contained a sticky brown tar-like substance that later tested positive for heroin.

Throughout the search of the vehicle, police said they also found weights commonly used to calibrate scales, 23.3 grams of methamphetamine and 10.9 grams of Alprazolam.

Alvarez was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and possession of a controlled substance.