A man has been charged more than 10 years after police said he sexually assaulted a 4-year-old girl and gave her Gonorrhea.

Cheil Jenarde Friar, 36, was charged with indecency with a child by contact, a second-degree felony.

According to an arrest affidavit, the assault was reported to police on July 30, 2006. The victim's mother told police that on July 23 of that same year she was giving her daughter a bath and noticed something was wrong. She took the girl to the hospital where they determined that she had Gonorrhea, but there were no signs of sexual trauma.

The day following the report of the assault, investigators interviewed the victim. She said she had been touched by a stranger and gave a description of the man.

The victim's parents told investigators that she had been picked up from school by Friar, who was a family friend, and his girlfriend on June 14, 2016. The couple would keep the victim and her two younger brothers at their house from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. when the parents had to work, according to the affidavit.

During an interview, Friar's girlfriend confirmed that he had tested positive for Gonorrhea. She said she had asked him about touching the victim and he denied it. Friar also spoke to investigators and denied having touched the girl.

More than 10 years later on April 6, 2017, the victim's mother contacted police and said she and her daughter had recently run into Friar and her daughter, now 15-years-old, remembered everything that had happened to her.

On April 14, the victim told police that when she was first interviewed, she was too young to understand what happened. She said she remembered Friar sexually touching her at his home after picking her up from school on two occasions. She remembered seeing him masturbate while touching her genitals. A nurse confirmed that this type of contact could result in the transfer of Gonorrhea, according to the affidavit.

A warrant was issued for Friar's arrest in Travis County on Aug. 10.