Police said they have found a pattern of hazing among Luling band students after receiving a complaint of a sexual assault that occurred on a Luling ISD band bus.

Luling police said in a release that it received the complaint on Oct. 15, and that the alleged assault occurred during an out-of-town trip during the football season. LPD said their investigation determined no sexual assault was committed, but did identify a pattern of hazing freshman band students by senior band students during trips “over a period of at least the last four years.”

“The hazing involved inappropriate physical contact by hands and drumsticks that did not rise to the level of a sexual nature, as nothing passed through the outer clothing of the victims,” police said. The department added the repeated hazing incidents have been verified through witness interviews, and that “there was an adult faculty member on the bus at the time of the incident who was advised of the hazing by the victims but failed to report the incident as required by state law.”

Luling police said hazing is a Class B misdemeanor in the absence of serious bodily injury, with a punishment range up to six months in jail and a $2,000 fine. Police added there has been no definitive decision by the victims whether or not to pursue criminal charges.

Police said if the investigation shows the faculty member failed in their duty to report the incident, the district attorney’s office may “pursue prosecution on behalf of the State for the failure to report, also a Class B misdemeanor."