A woman has been arrested after a family accused her of entering their home and striking an 11-year old boy with a wooden stick while yelling things that did not make sense, police said.

According to police documents, an officer was dispatched to a home on Nameless Road in Leander where a woman reported that an unknown female wielding a large wooden stick had entered their residence without permission and started yelling things that sounded like “voodoo curses.”

Police said the homeowner was able to get the woman, who was later identified as Sara Aranda, 54, out of their home and followed her in her vehicle until police arrived.

The homeowner reported that she and her boyfriend were awake in the bedroom when they heard their dogs barking and the woman screaming. Police said the child had been asleep in the living room and reported that he had been struck in the back three times by the stick Aranda was allegedly carrying, though the officer did not note any visible marks or injuries. The child stated that when he was struck, Aranda asked him who was inside the house.

Documents state that the door to the family's residence was locked, however, the mechanism prevented it from latching properly so Aranda was able to gain entry without force.

Aranda was placed under arrest for burglary of habitation with commission of an assault. Her bond was set at $15,000.