Those with the Austin Police Department said there were more than 8,000 car burglaries and 4,000 car thefts in Austin during 2016.

The police department hosted a free vehicle identification number etching program at the Domain on Saturday.

Those with the police department said having a VIN etching on your car windows will help deter thieves because they would have to replace every piece of traceable glass before they could sell it.

“It's a deterrent, it's a simple solution,” Natalia Lee, Austin Police Department, Auto Theft Neighborhood Liaison, said. “Of course, you can have a car alarm, all of that, but having it displayed on your car is a notice to thieves that this car is protected, and it won't be able to be sold for parts.”

Lee also said that some insurance agencies offer discounts if you have your VIN etched on your car windows.

She said people also need to remember not to leave their keys in their cars and hide their valuables, and encouraged everyone to take advantage of the free events.

They will have another one on Nov. 30 at the Dittmar Recreation Center. She said she expects to have one each month in 2018.

Lee also noted that people can request an event to come to their area or business by contacting the Auto Theft Unit.