Multiple Plucker's employees had their pockets emptied and purses snatched by a group of men who went into the restaurant during a late night shift, armed with guns, San Marcos officials confirmed.

Authorities said they received a call at 1:54 a.m. that three black men, wearing bandanas over their faces, hid behind dumpsters near the restaurant, and entered the location by following behind an employee.

PHOTOS: Men accused of robbing San Marcos Plucker's at gunpoint

Once inside the restaurant, located in the 105 block of North Interstate 35, the suspects allegedly demanded money from the manager of the restaurant and forced him to empty his pockets at gunpoint. At the same time, the city alleges a few of the other suspects went into the main quarters of the restaurant and demanded money from the people there too.

Cell phones and purses were listed among the items taken by the suspects, according to the City of San Marcos.

Officials said the vehicle used by the suspects did not appear on any surveillance footage.