An early-morning water break created a 12-foot geyser in the middle of a road near Maplewood Elementary School. According to witnesses, water burst through the street shortly after 6 a.m. Officials originally thought it would affect their water supply for the rest of the school day Friday, but crews were able to get water restored by 10 a.m.

Crews with the city of Austin closed the road between 38 1/2 Street and Ashwood Road to repair the pipe burst on Maplewood. They fixed one pipe belonging to the city. They also assisted in fixing another pipe belonging to Maplewood Elementary.

The road will likely be closed the rest of the day as crews refill the hole and repair the street. City engineers will also need to assess its structural integrity.

School officials told KVUE's Cori Coffin AISD sent portable toilets and bottled water to supplement their water shortage for the first part of the day.