Thousands of teenagers skipped school in Pflugerville Friday for a good cause.

"We're kind of just giving back to the community,” said Pflugerville High School Senior Tiffani Roudebush.

"Giving back to the community,” said PHS Senior Joseph Davis.

"We are helping out our community today,” said PHS Senior Makaila Nguyen.

It’s a lesson outside of the classroom.

"It's us showing our appreciation for what we have in Pflugerville,” said Davis.

3,600 Pflugerville middle school and high school students participated in Friday's "Big Event" service day.

Nguyen was happy to help.

"I want to do it because I feel like there's not a lot of opportunities for me to go out and help the community, and the fact that I get to come out with my school is even better,” said Nguyen. "I get to become closer to the people in my school."

Students helped out at more than 70 job sites, from parks to community centers in the area.

Roudebush said she doesn’t mind missing class.

"I definitely would be rather doing this because I just really like doing community service," said Roudebush.

KVUE talked to a few students at Pfluger Park as they picked up trash, spread mulch, painted and wiped down the playground.

"It benefits us because the more that we don't doit, the worse that it gets,” said Nguyen.

"I take pride in where I live and if we don't do it, no one else really will,” said Davis.

The event started two years ago, with students from just one school, and 15 job sites.

Roudebush said she's proud to take part.

"I think it’s amazing because a lot of times when people think of teenagers they think of them as selfish and they think of them as self-absorbed, but the fact that so many students are willing to skip school and come and help people is amazing to me,” said Roudebush.

The lesson isn't just giving back, but also thanksgiving, and it sounds like these students are getting an A.

"You know how the taxpayers, they pay for our education, so it's kind of us giving back to them, so it's really cool I think,” said Davis.

"We’re giving back to everyone who helps us out,” said Nguyen. "Just seeing everything it makes you feel a whole lot better."