Pflugerville police unveiled a new workout space Tuesday, one with $30,000 worth of updates.

The mayor joined several local businesses and donors who contributed to the amount at a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday.

It’s a space the officers are excited about.

"A lot of updated equipment, changing out the floors, painted the walls,” said Pflugerville Police Corporal Cody Irby.

"Clean new facility, new equipment to work out on,” said patrol officer Tonya Losoya.

"I’m thankful we have this now, I'm excited to use it," said patrol officer Thomas Steffensmeier.

"This is much different, we have new cardio equipment,” said patrol officer Michael Sweetland.

The officers said working out is an important part of being in law enforcement.

"That's what we need for our jobs to stay in shape,” said Losoya.

"Our job requires a lot of physical labor, being out in the heat, a lot of running, jumping, anything,” said Irby.

“It's also a stress reliever, this can be a very stressful job,” said Steffensmeier. "It's extremely important, our job can be very physical.”

"I owe it to the department, to the citizens of Pflugerville, myself, my family to stay in shape it's part of the job," said Sweetland. "I think you've got to keep your mind sharp and your body sharp and those are really important to being a patrol officer."

Chief Jessica Robledo puts an emphasis on working out. She even joins the rookie cadets for their training at 6:45 a.m. in the morning.

"I believe in leading by example,” said Robledo.

"She meets us out there, and guarantee she's always the first one out there,” said Steffensmeier. "She's working out with us, shoulder to shoulder."

"Seeing somebody lead my example in that regard is definitely really cool to see, it's refreshing,” sadi Irby.

"It's great that she cares about us, and cares about our well-being,” said Losoya.

"I see them in here day in and day out, not complaining about the condition of the equipment, the condition of the room, but just doing what needs to be done,” said Robledo.

That's why Cheif Robledo wanted to update the old workout room.

"It was embarrassing, it was in poor condition,” said Robledo.

It started with one private donor after a tour of the department then the whole community got involved.

"As soon as they found out that we had a project going, they wanted to be a part of it," said Robledo.

$30,000 of donations came into the department from people and businesses in the area.

"It's a good feeling to know that your community supports you while you're on the job,” said Sweetland. “And obviously it's important to them that their officers stay in shape."

"It's an interesting switch in the past couple of years, seeing the community step up and really be a part of the department, a part of how we're changing, and a part of how we're growing into the future,” said Irby.

"It's nice the community cares about us, cares about our fitness, cares about our well-being so we can take care of them when we have to go to a call for them," said Losoya.

"Not only does the chief cares about us, but the community cares about us as well,” said Steffensmeier.

"It's truly humbling and I feel blessed,” said Robledo.