Big changes at the Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival this year, and the city wants to make sure you know where to go.

Typically, the fireworks celebration has been held at Lake Pflugerville, but this year, for the 10th annual festival, it will be at Pflugerville ISD's new Pfield Stadium.

"We know it's a great location, but right now there's a lot of road construction right around the lake," said Terri Toledo, the Communications Director for Pflugerville. "There's not infrastructure at the lake for people to park, so we were bussing people into the lake, and with the major roadways unusable this year, we needed a change."

Lake Pflugerville will still be open during the day on Tuesday.

"So if you want to go to the lake, enjoy the water and have a great day at Lake Pflugerville, you're welcome to do so, we just won't be having the fireworks there this year," said Toledo.

The festival at the Pfield will still have live music, food trucks and face painting.

But, since it will now be on school property, alcohol, tobacco products and outside coolers will not be allowed on the grounds.

City officials also ask to leave your umbrellas and pets at home.

Another big change this year, you can't bring a purse, diaper bag, or backpack unless it's clear. They encourage everyone to bring a clear plastic bag, and will have some on hand.

"There are some new rules this year, but these are for safety, we want everyone to be as safe as possible, come out and enjoy the facility and come enjoy fireworks," said Toledo.

City officials encourage people to watch fireworks at the Pfield, since they have a zero tolerance policy against them inside city limits.

"As everyone knows, personal fireworks are not okay in the city limits, so come out and come watch the show from the professionals, come out to the field and enjoy a great Pfirecracker Pfestival with the City of Pflugerville," said Toledo.

"Safety is obviously the number 1 message," said Allison Strupeck with Travis County Emergency Services District #2.

Their coverage area includes Pflugerville, and she said the ban includes sparklers.

"Sparklers can get as hot enough to burn metal, they can reach over 12 hundred degrees, so certainly they could not only burn skin and clothes, but they could easily set a yard, or home, or a building on fire," said Strupeck.

For those who live outside city limits, Strupeck said it's important for them to be careful.

"Only do fireworks together as a family, closely supervise all the children, even the older kids, because we do see a lot of injuries and issues with middle-school-age children," said Strupeck. "Where you do fireworks in legal areas is just as important. You're not allowed to do them around churches, schools, hospitals. You should do them in an area where its flat, it's open. You're not around any buildings or homes, preferably in a field with green, short grass, even better would be on dirt, where you're not going to incur the wind blowing something right into something that could burn."

She suggests instead, to leave it to the professionals.

"Just go to a show, there's wonderful professional fireworks shows in this area," said Strupeck. "Fireworks are wonderful, they're part of our American tradition, we want people just to be safe, as a family, not in the line of pets or people right around them, not not in a windy area where things around them can burn and just to be safe."

The gates open for the Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival at 5 p.m. on Tuesday night. The fireworks are scheduled to start around dark -- or about 9:15.

"The Pfield is in the perfect location, it's in the center heart of Pflugerville, so there are a lot of neighborhoods right nearby, where people can stay at home and watch right from their backyards," said Toledo.


5 p.m. gates open
6 p.m. The BlueBonnets perform on stage
7:45 p.m. SkyRocket! performs on stage
8:50 p.m. Mayor Gonzales welcome, National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance
9:15 p.m. (approx.) Fireworks and an after-show concert with SkyRocket!

Parking: No shuttle buses this year. Park onsite at the stadium with overflow at the Kuempel Stadium across the street.