It was a classic American tale involving "bald eagle pi** and freedom" that encouraged over 200 people to help an Ohio teen pay off his $500 speeding ticket in less than two days.

On his GoFundMe page, Logan Wright said that he was driving to work on Memorial Day when a Mustang passed him "going around 80 flipping me off."

Wright said he "wasn't gonna...lose to a Mustang," so he turned up his Van Halen CD and sped after the Mustang. Unfortunately for Wright, he said a state highway patrolman soon caught up to him.

"Now I back the blue and my country through and through so I wasn't mad at him for pulling me over," Wright said.

But his support for officers didn't stop him from teasing.

When the officer asked him what he had in his Mustang, Wright boldly responded, "bald eagle pi** and freedom sir."

When the patrolman asked if Wright knew how fast he was going, Wright kept the act up and responded, "Well I was slowing down to give both of you a chance."

The patrolman wasn't amused, Wright said.

In his original post, Wright said that he was raising $500 to pay for the ticket he received.

"Any extra money, if I'm that lucky, will go towards AC/DC CDs," he said.

Much to his surprise, Wright far exceeded the $500 goal. In just one day, Wright's GoFundMe tripled that amount.

Wright later posted an update to the page:

Thank you all so much for donating and the positive feedback. I'd just like to address the upset majority. I made this as a humorous way of telling my experience and never once shared it on any of my social media pages to keep it from catching this much heat. I had family and friends share and donate because they thought it was funny. I will be donating the extra money to Wounded Warriors and Soldiers Angels. I never once begged for money. I do have a job. I'm keeping it open and saying this so people know that the extra money that's donated is going to help our military. Thank you

As of Wednesday evening, Wright's GoFundMe has raised almost $1,900.