Crews are in the process of tearing down Austin ISD's T.A. Brown Elementary School.

Demolition began Tuesday morning and the district said it will take five to six weeks to complete and will cost about half a million dollars to demolish.

The 60-year-old school was closed last November after it was deemed unsafe.


Beloved TA Brown Elementary demolished Tuesday

T.A. Brown is on AISD's November bond as a $30.8 million full rebuild project. If the bond passes, a new school will be built at the same site.

Parent Chris Garcia said T.A. Brown is a landmark for the community.

"We want to express to the community,” said Garcia. “There's a lot of leaders and there's a lot of positive things that have come out of this school."

Watch the demolition below and here:

Garcia’s daughter, Mia, has gone to the school since preschool and is now in fifth grade.

She sings Tejano music, and Mayor Steve Adler declared October 5 Mia Garcia Day in Austin. She is an honor roll student.

Her father said a lot of her education has come from T.A. Brown Elementary and has been an important part of her success.

He wants a new school built on the same spot.

“This is definitely a minority majority school,” said Garcia. “A lot of times they're either overlooked or kind of put aside and we don't want that to happen. We want T.A. Brown to be a priority.”

If November's bond does not pass, the district said it will look into other solutions, including sending students to nearby campuses.

They are currently studying at Barrington Elementary.

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