ROUND ROCK -- A family is mourning the death of their 8-year-old dog, after it was shot and killed by Round Rock Police officers inside their home on Friday morning.

According to Round Rock police, the officers were responding to a call from an alarm company informing them the home's security system had been activated.

Round Rock homeowner Hope Lane tells KVUE that their door had blown open after their young granddaughter left for school Friday morning and forgot to shut it all the way.

When police arrived at the home in the 1700 block of Parkside Circle, the front door was open. The officers went inside and shouted several verbal warnings.

While searching the home, they came across a 120 pound Rottweiler. Police considered the dog aggressive, and the dog made threatening actions towards the officers, police say.

One officer fired once, and another office fired six times. The dog was pronounced dead at the scene.

The dog, Bullet, was a gift to Lane from her husband eight years ago around Valentine's Day.

"Unfortunately we lost our dog, I want to say our son," said Lane.

When Lane arrived home to see what had happened, Bullet was gone.

"I thought my dog would still be there, I may have wanted to bury my dog in my backyard. Who told you to take my dog away?" she asked.

The blood had also been cleaned up by police.

"That tells me something is not right. Whatever's not right, I can't speculate what's not right, but something is truly not right," said Lane.

There are still two bullet holes in the wall and another bullet ripped through the futon Bullet slept on.

Lane says her dog has never acted aggressively.

"My dog is in his home, in his room, laying down chilling like he does. And he takes a long time, anybody can come in the house and be like 'I thought you had a dog?' and I do, but he's not an aggressive dog."

Bullet also had hip dysplasia and Lane says it was hard for him to get up quickly.

"He slept on the futon, so when he came down he had to get his little hips together."

Officers met with family Friday afternoon to explain what happened.

Now Lane and her family say they want to see change.

"I just hope and pray that the Round Rock Police Department looks into better training for the residents in the area that have dogs and have alarm systems."

Round Rock police are still investigating and would not appear on camera.