Three homes in Leander suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage due to lightning strikes from storms Monday afternoon.

The weather episode caused multiple fire crews from Travis and Williamson County to respond to the scenes where at least five homes were reportedly on fire. The City of Leander said three residences suffered significant fire damage due to lightning strikes.

Officials said a home in the 3500 block of Goodnight Trail had the highest damage estimate at $600,000 for structure and contents. A second home in the 2000 block of Lookout Range is estimated at $270,000 for damage. The final home, located in the 400 block of Monahans, is estimated at just over a quarter million dollars worth of damage at $225,000. The total damage estimate for all homes combined amounts to $1,095,000.

Fire crews said no one was injured in any of the house fires.

The city said grass fires were also reported at Upton Range and Schmard Bluff but were quickly contained. No damage was reported at areas surrounding the fires.

According to a letter from Crystal Falls Homeowners Association, firefighters from other areas had trouble locating a fire hydrant because it was blocked by people and golf carts.

The HOA said they are now inspecting private roadways and installing blue dots in the middle of the street at each fire hydrant location.

"This will assist our fire department in quickly finding the closest hydrant, even if it is visually blocked by vehicles or pedestrians," the HOA letter said.

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