Since President Trump announced his plans to phase out DACA, hundreds of thousands of those in the program are in limbo, scrambling to get their paperwork in order and trying to find ways to pay for renewals.

That's why several organizations have created special funds to help alleviate some of that stress

There are about 800,000 people in the program, about 154,000 are up for renewals. The fee for the permit is $495.

Mona Ramirez, a University of Texas at Austin graduate is part of the DACA program, she just renewed this past spring. Ramirez says she had plans to go to law school but that has been put on hold.

She works for Jolt, an organization that focuses on Latino issues, and says her community is hurting but is hopeful.

"They told me if I was educated and if I went to school and if I did everything that everything would be great, and it's not,” she said. “It's been tough, but it also shows the resiliency of my community. We know how it feels like, I've been there and I want to help my community out and I think it's very important that we give them all the help, we give everybody all the help that we can give them.”

Mission Asset Fund, a nonprofit and a group that has a history of working with DREAMers, says many will be able to pay their own way, but there are thousands of others who can't.

Right now, MAF has provided one million in scholarships to over 2,000 DREMers, funds that are available between one to two days of applying.

DACA recipients with permits expiring between now and March 5 are eligible.

Another group, United We Dream--the largest immigrant youth network--has also collected enough funds to pay for nearly 1,000 applicants nationwide.

“For many DACA recipients, the process to renew is urgent, complicated, and expensive. As a network we will continue to fight against the Trump administration’s unprecedented assault on immigrant youth. That is why we have launched The Renewal Fund to directly support DACA recipients and protect as many people in our community as possible,” Director of Membership at United We Dream and DACA beneficiary Adrian Reyna said.

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