After Saturday's football game, many Longhorn fans are still hopeful for their team and many aren't, but one fan says he'll be with them until the very end.

Pete Forsberg says there is no bigger University of Texas fan than himself.

"I have season tickets, we make it every home game, went to UT, grad in '04, so pretty big fan," Forsberg says.

He left Austin on Friday with his wife and friends ready to see their Longhorns fight.

"I was a little anxious," Forsberg said. "I was hoping we could pull out a miracle."

But hopes were too high and Texas lost 45 to 40.

"Just a little short here in the end it seems like," Forsberg said. "At least we get a new coach."

So what does this mean for UT's head coach Charlie Strong?

"You know when you have an entirely new coaching staff over three years you let your offensive coordinator go last year, defensive coordinator go this year, there's something wrong at the top," Forsberg said.

Time will only tell Strong's future, but until then Forsberg will be waiting for his team's next game.