Hordes of newcomers are moving to Austin every day. But no matter what part of town you visit, you'll meet seasoned Austinites who are more than willing to tell you about their neighborhood and why they love it.

Preswyck Hills is located in East Austin near Springdale Road and East 51st Street. People who live in the area enjoy the quaint neighborhood.

Doral Peterson has lived there for 18 years. He said he has his pick of the litter when it comes to family friendly parks and pools.

"We have Bartholomew, we have Dottie Jordan, we have Givens Recreation Center right down the street, " Peterson said.

Preswyck Hills is also near the Mueller Retail Center.

"We sit right between 35 and 183," he said. "We have the Mueller area now that's really exploded to where basically you don't have to venture out far from this neighborhood."

While Mueller is brimming with entertainment and places to shop and eat, it's the mom and pop restaurants that locals love to frequent.

"I got one restaurant which is up the street called 'Country Boyz,' which if I want some good ol' down home cooking, (it's) right down there," Peterson said.

And speaking of food, Torchy's Corporate Headquarters sits around the corner, off Springdale Road. It's on that street and 51st Street where new construction is underway. Given the location, the demand for homes in the area is high.

The Preswyck Hills neighborhood offers charming homes and neighbors such as Peterson and Nat Bradford, who recalls moving to the area back in 1974.

"We were transferred in from California. I worked at IBM at the time and I had to go to Kentucky, so my wife picked the house because I wasn't here," Bradford said.

All these years later, and he still has no regrets.

"She did a pretty good job, so I have to pat her on that back for that," he said.