Can't find a gift for dad? Or looking for a belated gift for him? Well, the folks at The Miracle Foundation are hoping you'll consider giving to an orphan instead.

Their logic: Take that giving attitude from your father and pass it on to someone in need.

They've partnered with Tito's vodka and want you to take the money you might have spent on "drinks with dad" and instead help change an orphan's life.

"You know, you can feed a child for probably a month for probably 35 bucks," Group Ambassador Jim Ennis said. "The love and attention that they receive from us and want from us is genuine and authentic - and I think the kids who don't have fathers look to us as that father figure."

Here's a snippet from their page about the different donation recommendations:

Here are the various gift levels folks can donate at:

$20: Buy a dad a “virtual drink” (and you, too!)

$50: Buy a dad the “virtual bottle”

$100: Buy dad & friends a “virtual round”

$300: Buy the whole bar a “virtual drink!”

Tito’s Handmade Vodka and other generous donors will match every dollar donated, up to $100,000.

Their campaign will run for one more week.