The ride from Corpus Christi to Austin may seem like a long journey - especially on a bicycle. But that's what four of the members of the "We Remember Memorial Bike Trek" did Tuesday before participating in a memorial in downtown Austin.

The group was founded back in 1993 with the intent of remembering and honoring all peace officers killed that year.

"We go around the state every year on bicycles," San Antonio Police Officer Steven Bazany said. "We ride into every city, every community that has lost a peace officer from the previous year."

In 2016, that number was 22 in Texas. One of which happened in Austin last September.

Officer Amir Abdul-Khaliq was driving his Austin Police motorcycle at the head of a motorcade for a funeral when he was struck by another vehicle. 

Tuesday, the Austin Police Department and the four visiting officers remembered Officer Abdul-Khaliq.

"I hope you never forget what your dad meant to us," APD Chief Brian Manley said to Ofc.Abdul-Khaliq's family. "Every cadet that passes through Austin Police will know your dad's name. They will know his sacrifice. They will know his name and his legacy will live on."

Bazany and the other visiting officers presented the family with a flag and cross in remembrance of their father and said they will carry his name to the rest of the state as they travel more than 2,300 miles on their journey.

"They lose a lot more in the community and we want to convey to them that that person, their loved one in that community, has not been lost," Bazany said.