An Austin police officer tasked with operating a breathalyzer at the Travis County Jail has been fired after a self-test indicated he possibly came to work intoxicated, according to memos from the Austin Police Department.

KVUE and Austin American-Statesman’s Tony Plohetski initially learned the officer, identified as Michael Cuellar, was performing a “self-test” to maintain his certification to operate the machine. Cuellar's blood alcohol content test resulted in .064. Cuellar notified his supervisor, Sergeant Steve Urias, that he failed the test. 

Urias then ordered Cuellar to remain out of service for a period of time until he was no longer under the influence. 

During an investigation, Cuellar told internal investigators that he drank "about three glasses" of 80-proof vodka along with two glasses of wine on the evening before the test. The next morning, Cuellar said he drove himself to work in his personal vehicle.

Urias received a 60-day suspension after he allegedly did not notify Cuellar's commander about the test results and failing to request another supervisor in accordance with the police department's policy.

APD Chief Brian Manley held a press conference Tuesday regarding the firing and suspension. Watch here: