Community members and organizations -- including the Austin Chapter of the NAACP -- don't believe Austin's proposed 2018 budget does enough to address inequality in the city.

NAACP president Nelson Linder said it's a problem that city council members were able to find room in the budget to help fix the homeless problem downtown, but weren't able to do the same for issues found in the Black and Hispanic communities.

He said that's what the ten one council structure, representing historically underrepresented parts of town, was supposed to help accomplish. Linder applauded Mayor Steve Adler for meeting with and listening to minority groups about their needs --- but asked for action now.

"We are being told we have no money to address our disparities. Why is that? How can you change the iniquity of the city with no money?" Linder said.

"Other folks in the city have no problem getting money, getting funding, getting initiatives," he continued. "When it comes to black and brown people all we get is task force after task force after task force."

Linder also said he and his supporters would fill council chambers and "disrupt your session and shut it down" if their concerns weren't addressed.

Specifically, Linder said minority communities need help with job creation and housing initiatives.