Friends continue to mourn the loss of an Austin homeless man who was fatally stabbed in East Austin last week.

That’s why a special memorial was held at Auditorium Shores for Glen Burford, 51, Sunday.

Those people who knew Burford said he was on the path to getting out of homelessness when tragedy struck.

Editor and Director of “The Challenger Street Newspaper,” Valerie Romness knew Burford from the publication. He worked as a writer over the last handful of years.

"He liked to write about fishing a lot and you could identify with that,” she said.

Burford also wrote about the homeless community to help build a platform of understanding.

Friends say the 51-year -old had many layers and even volunteered at a local church.

"He was the kind of person who was never ever just watching out for just him,” a church member said.

The 51-year-old would help distribute pamphlets for the organization and help staff better cater to the homeless population.

"I don't think we realize when you had to do with no little for so long, you learn how to be compassionate,” another member added.

The group gathered underneath a tree at Auditorium Shores that is dedicated to honoring the homeless who have died on Austin streets.

"The street people are so beautiful. They are some of our best flowers in the world,” Romness said.

For some, the tragic loss is an eye opener into the world of issues the homeless battle on a daily basis.

"Well, let’s turn it around and make lemons out of lemonade and actually house the homeless and work on real solutions,” Challenger volunteer writer Julian Reyes said.

While Burford's memory will forever be ingrained into the minds of the group, his name will always be on display for anyone who passes by.

Police are still searching for his killer. There are no suspects as of Sunday night.