TRAVIS COUNTY -- A battle is brewing within the Travis County Republican Party over its brand-new chairman Robert Morrow.

On Super Tuesday, voters picked Morrow to lead the local GOP but those within the organization are now doing everything they can to get him out.

"The Travis County Republican Party is about as effective as a neutered gerbil right now, so I could hardly do any worse,” said Morrow in an interview with KVUE Wednesday.

Morrow said he did not spent money campaigning and did not ask for votes. He won against incumbent James Dickey.

"The reason I ran is I'm so disgusted by the Bush family being involved in Republican party politics,” Morrow said.

However, it's Morrow’s social media presence, particularly on Twitter, that has the Travis County GOP looking for every possible method to make sure Morrow doesn’t serve as chairman come June.

"My concern is that it's a terrible reflection of Republicans in the area,” said current vice-chair Matt Mackowiak.

The organization certifies candidates for the primary ballot at a local and county level.

"He's done nothing in his past that showed that he cares about electing Republicans to office. If anything, he's going to hurt Republicans,” Mackowiak said.

Many of Morrow’s tweets include references to members of the Bush family being homosexual and sexual references to Hillary Clinton.

"I hate and despise the Clintons, and I like ridiculing and humiliating them, and I'll do it non-stop 24/7,” Morrow said. "Poppy Bush I believe is a homosexual pedophile."

It's not our first time meeting Morrow. Ten years ago, KVUE interviewed him in his home on the same couch with the same children's toys on the table.

"By definition gays and homos don't raise or create kids, secondly, homosexuality is sexually dysfunctional,” said Morrow in a prior interview. Morrow had been handing out anti-LGBT pamphlets that offended many of his neighbors.

Morrow said he supports Ted Cruz but as chairman he'd also fight for Donald Trump.

"The party needs to gather around and support Donald Trump for president and do everything they can to take down the Clintons," Morrow said.

Morrow said that's his bottom line, while others call Morrow a bottom feeder.

"He's going to be a cancer on the Travis County Republican Party,” Mackowiak said.

The vice-chair of the Travis County GOP said if there's nothing they can do legally to stop Morrow they may have to split off and form another organization.

The position lasts for two years and Morrow starts serving in June.