A new invasive species is about to make a big stink in Hays and Travis County.

Originally from Asia, the Bagrada hilaris is making its way from California to Texas.

Entomologists have confirmed their presence in both Austin and Hays County.

"There's no natural predators for this insect either,” said Austin nursery employee James Owens. He said the lack of predators is because the bug is not native to the U.S.

The Bagrada bugs are wreaking havoc on crops in California. “Primarily the cole crops, the winter crops. Your kales, your lettuces, your spinaches,” Owens explained.

Entomologists also worry about the bug’s impact on people’s yards and on nurseries, according to an article published in AgriLife.

Austin photographer Ted Lee Eubanks recently captured a Bagrada bug on camera in Pease Park in Downtown Austin.

"The Begrada bug was nectaring on this plant,” Eubanks pointed out. "I knew it was a stink bug.”

For information on the best way to identify and treat Bagrada bugs, click here.