For many veterans, reintegrating into civilian life can be challenging. They're forced to re-learn how to navigate a culture that is completely different from the military. 

The staff at Goodwill of Central Texas is constantly coming up with ways to make the adjustment easier by providing several services. The organization's newest resource is a financial empowerment course focusing on saving money, managing a budget and improving credit history. 

"So whether they need education, job training, life coaching, financial literacy, digital literacy -- whatever it might be for them to be able to take care of their families and be successful," said Traci Berry, senior vice president of community engagement at Goodwill. 

Service is in Air Force veteran Sebastian White's blood.  

"My dad did 28 years in the Air Force," White said. "My brother did three, I did 20. I maintained security information equipment. I loved what I was doing -- working on electronics and troubleshooting problems."  

So when it came time to retire from the military, he knew he wanted to continue this type of work and started looking for PC technician certification programs.  

"I found out about Goodwill through a job search," White said. 

From there, White was able to sign up for this free certification course. 

"The services are very good," White said. "The staff is very helpful." 

"Goodwill of Central Texas believes in removing the barriers for our veterans," Berry said. "They're facing many obstacles as they come back and reintegrate into life and so whatever we can do to help them learn how to do that and help their families at the same time is really important."

To learn more about Goodwill of Central Texas' veterans services, go here.