An Austin startup has launched a new phone application that allows you to connect with all your doctors in one place.

Medici allows you to access your doctor, pediatrician, veterinarian or therapist. Users can text, send photos, have consultations and receive e-prescriptions.

Clinton Phillips created Medici with $8 million in seed money to save people time.

Unlike the websites and applications that pair you with random doctors, this company pairs you with all of your own doctors in a HIPPA compliant app.

"It's a huge difference because this doctor knows you," Phillips said. "This doctor can look up your medical record and has your electronic health record."

Patients pay a fee per exchange that is equivalent to a copay, usually around $25.

The app is free to download and once you're in it, you can search for your doctors. If they're not already using the app you can send them a request and they can sign up.

Medici launched in Austin last week and already about 50 doctors are using it.

The company is preparing for a nationwide expansion in the near future.

Learn more about the Medici here.