In an effort to limit prostitution, drugs, car burglaries and credit card skimmers in the Wells Branch area, Travis County sheriff's deputies are out in full force.

So far, the crime initiative has resulted in 47 arrests. The area spans from Howard Lane near MoPac Expressway to the intersection of Interstate 35 and Texas 45.

The Wells Branch area spans from Howard Lane near MoPac Expressway to the intersection of Interstate 35 and Texas 45.

The Travis County Sheriff's Office said the "Wells Branch Initiative" came to be after deputies looked at crime data in the northeast area of the county.

So for six weeks, they're targeting crime. Prostitution and credit card skimming in particular.

They've conducted undercover prostitution stings at the Comfort Inn and Sleep Inn earlier this month. In the video shown above, a female deputy is seen opening the door before officers move in and make their arrest.

Sixteen of the people arrested are pictured here:

These are some of the nearly 50 people who have been arrested so far in a crime initiative in the Wells Branch area.

Norberto Corona and Faustino Sotelo were arrested in connection with online solicitation of a minor:

Norberto Corona and Faustino Sotelo were arrested in connection with online solicitation of a minor.

As far as credit card skimming, the sheriff's office has made two arrests in two weeks.

"The problems that we're seeing are just that there's more opportunity in that particular area so what we're trying to do with the initiative is to arrest the right people," said Captain Craig Smith with the Travis County Sheriff's Office. "Make sure we're targeting the ones creating the problems for us and getting the word out because it's not just amongst ourselves. We know that the bad guys talk and we want the word out that we've recognized the area as a place people are going to and we're not going to tolerate it."

Three weeks remain in this initiative.

On Nov. 28, a town hall meeting will be held with the sheriff and Pflugerville's police chief to detail all that was found during the six week period.