An Austin woman shared a heartwarming photo on Facebook of her brother returning from a military deployment to his wife and 15-month old daughter.

The father, GM 3rd Class Petty Officer Kasey Bogue, has been deployed since May on the USS Shoup and they have been patrolling the Middle East and the Arabian Sea. He left when his daughter was only six months old.

The photo shows Bogue and his wife, Margaret Bogue, hugging their baby girl, Caidyn Grace, after pulling into Everett, Washington on Dec. 12. Bogue has been enlisted in the United States Navy for almost three years.

Bogue's sister, Chandra Willis-Gardner, said in her Facebook post, "They sacrifice and miss out on so much protecting our freedom. Bless them all near and far this holiday season."

Bogue has to report back for duty by the second week of January, Willis-Gardner told KVUE. "(His) next destination is Hawaii for four months out to sea." she said.

All the travel hasn't been easy for the Bogue family.

Willis-Gardner said, "The worry never stops. (Margaret Bogue) has been absolutely wonderful and so so strong and keeps everything together for her baby while he is away."