A Kyle mother is making a desperate plea three months after her 15-year-old son was left for dead in Niederwald.

She wants to find the person responsible.

Michael Mince was walking down FM 2001 with friends near State Highway 21 when he was struck by a car late last December.

"The one thing that we miss the most is his smile, " Karin Mince said.

It's been three months since Mince lost her son Michael, but she remembers the last time she spoke to him like it was yesterday.

"It was the day after Christmas," Mince said. "He got up early and was like 'Mom I'm going with my friends.'"

That night Mince learned her son had been hit and killed.

"You don't get to say goodbye," Mince said. "You didn't say bye to him because oh he's leaving with his friends."

Witnesses say a red Dodge Ram struck Michael from behind, reporting the driver stopping only for a second before driving off.

"He stopped long enough to make sure his truck was okay and left again," Mince said. "What kind of a person does that?"

Three months later, no arrests have been made and DPS has not reported any leads.

"As a parent, it's your job is to protect your child and I couldn't do anything for him," Mince said.

Now she spends her weekends searching for answers.

She visits the crash site regularly and talks to nearby neighbors.

"The fact that I'm out there asking questions kinds of gives me the strength to keep going," Mince said. "I'm not ready to accept it's been three months we're done."

As the days go by, Mince grows hungry for justice. She wants to find the person who took her smiling son away from her.

There is a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

DPS has reported the vehicle as a Red Dodge Ram 3500 Dually with damage to the passenger fog light, side mirror and passenger side front bumper.

If you know anything call Crime Stoppers at 512-472-8477.