Across the country, more people are starting their own podcasts. Since 2013, the number of podcasts listed on iTunes has doubled.

What started as a male-dominated medium is now becoming more popular among women, including many here in Austin.

Melinda Garvey records her podcast "On The Dot" in her closet.

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"It's pretty amusing to a lot of people, but it's great because I can do it from my home," Garvey said. "That's what you do when you're a bootstrap entrepreneur."

Garvey is the brains behind "On The Dot." She calls it a daily dose of inspiration in just four minutes.

"We're providing relatable role models for women," she said. "We feature a woman to watch every day. Women need these role models. The number one issue facing the advancement of women is the lack of access to relatable role models. If you can't see it, you can't be it"

As the founder of Austin Woman Magazine, she got the idea for the podcast last year.

"We started in April of 2016," Garvey said.

So far, the response has been good. "On The Dot" has 7,000 subscribers from 10 different countries. Garvey shares with us what she believes is the key to a successful podcast.

"I think it's understanding who your listeners are and what they want," she said. "For my audience, it's being able to see women who have been successful and gone through trials and tribulations and hardships, but still made it."

For anyone interested in following in her footsteps, Garvey said if you have a good idea and work ethic you have what it takes to get started. However, a clothes-filled closet, computer and microphone can also come in handy.

To subscribe to On The Dot, click here.