A local non-profit is partnering with Child Protective Services to bring holiday cheer to foster children. This year, Partnerships for Children collected more than 20,000 presents for more than 5,000 foster kids.

Partnerships for Children works to bridge the gap between what the state provides foster children and what they actually need. Holiday Wishes is one of their biggest projects. Through the program, foster children from across Central Texas write down three gifts they want. The community purchases the presents and caseworkers deliver them.

This year, Chloe Ellis, a CPS case worker, is participating in Holiday Wishes for the fourth time.

"Mostly our kids have dealt with some type of hardship," Ellis said. " It makes me feel great because it lets me know that I have done my job and I've just done a little bit to make that kid's Christmas a little bit better."

"They're already going through a lot, you know, with CPS being involved," said CPS case worker Amy Kelley. "It's never fun for anyone, so just to have a great Christmas -- it's really impactful."

Partnerships for Children is still accepting donations. If you'd like to participate, go here.