Texas Humane Heroes is searching for homes for over 40 dogs who were rescued from a house fire in Killeen.

An Animal Control officer said that only two of the dogs received minor injuries. One suffered from smoke inhalation and the other, a 12-week-old puppy, got burns on its paw pads, nose and a cut on its side.

All of the dogs are in stable condition with no life-threatening injuries.

The dogs are all small, mixed breeds. Most of them are less than one-year-old, some are less than eight-weeks-old. Many of them will be placed in foster homes for various reasons until they are ready for adoption. One of the dogs is nursing two puppies and another is pregnant.

The dogs will be transported to the Leander Adoption Center Friday evening where they will be assessed and given any necessary treatments to become adoption-ready.

The adoption center is located at 10930 E Crystal Falls Pkwy. You can call 512-260-3602 for more information.