After four years, multiple delays, and tens of millions of dollars over budget, the new MoPac Northbound Express Lane opened on Saturday morning.

Drivers will be able to get on and off the express lane near the river downtown and at RM 2222 in North Austin.

Jordan Hogan told us, "I don't think I'll use it very much and I don't think it'll save too much time."

Spencer Magloff said he was "very excited," although he didn't think it would solve congestion. His optimism is more big picture.

"But I hope its a beginning of a new refocus on travel congestion," said Magloff.

On social media, the Twitter user Evil Mopac had some fun at the tollway's expense.

One tweet read,"Early reports suggest six humans who have tried the new MoPac tunnel all emerged alive/$0.21 lighter."

The 21 cents refers to the changing toll rate. How much you pay depends on much traffic there is.

There will be electronic message boards on MoPac with posted pricing about a half mile away from each express lane merge point.

"Won't use it above $5.00. Probably won't use it above $3.00," Hogan told us again.

Like the saying goes, only time will tell if the new toll lane will help ease congestion. But after years of delays, millions of dollars over budget, and hours of us sitting in traffic, Dan Arciniega sums it up best.

"It better help."

The southbound express lane is expected to open in late October or early November.