This week, construction on MoPac continues, but a big update on the project is coming this weekend.

The new Northbound Express Lane is expected to open Saturday. It will be what's called a "variable-priced" toll. This means how much you pay for the toll will depend on how much traffic there is.

Officials said this type of pricing will keep traffic moving even when the adjacent lanes are congested.

"Right now we're estimating when the entire north side is open that the toll at peak hour would probably be about $1 to $1.50, which is still a very reasonable price for an 11-mile trip," Mopac Improvement Project spokesman Steve Pustelnyk said.

Pustelnyk said when there's minimal traffic on MoPac, the toll price should be about 25 to 50 cents.

There will be electronic message boards on MoPac with posted pricing about a half mile away from each express lane merge point.