As the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority gets ready to open the southbound express lane on MoPac, they shared the numbers of rides and costs on the northbound side so far.

The northbound lane opened Oct. 9 to 11,469 transactions. On that day, the average peak toll for a full trip from downtown to Parmer Lane was $.98, and the highest toll of the day was $1.84 for the full ride.

Since Oct. 9, the expressway has had more than 150,000 transactions, with the highest toll rate being $8.38 on the fourth day it was open.

"Overall, we've been extremely pleased with how it's operated," CTRMA Director of Communications Steve Pustelnyk said. "We did have a few issues the first week, but a lot of those have settled."

Pustelnyk acknowledged that the $8.38 price tag was steep, but said it's an unfortunate side effect of the lane.

"It's not really a typical toll road," he said. "This is not made for everyday use. On a day where you are heavily congested in the regular lanes, there is high demand for the express lane. The only way we can make sure it stays functioning is to raise the price."

Pustelnyk and the CTRMA shared the numbers for the second week as well and pointed out that the highest toll rates for the two weeks averaged out to $4.49.

The average peak period toll rates for the first 10 days was $2.78.

Pustelnyk said that if all goes according to plan, the southbound lane will open Saturday at 8 a.m.