If you take a trip down South Lamar Boulevard it's clear businesses attract traffic. However, along with the traffic are signs for and against Mayor Adler's $720 million mobility bond.

What's not clear is if the bond is the right thing to do to get rid of traffic congestion in Austin.

Business owners like Bill Welker don't think so. Welker is a life-long tenant on South Lamar. He's worried about plans to remove the center lane of traffic.

"What that lane does is enables travelers to turn in left into businesses and then left out of businesses so there are 30-40 mall businesses on South Lamar that will drastically affect us," Welker said

The question is how?

"It would probably put medians in place where that open lane is and then left-hand turn lanes at signals," Welker said

Down the road, it's a different attitude at Bicycle Sport Shop on South Lamar. Manager Josh Brown feels it's a practical way for everyone to share the road.

"The front of our building is a prime example. We'll have people turn into the parking lot just to turn around and get back going the other way on South Lamar," Brown said.

In August, the council put in a provision in the bond that would make special accommodations preserve existing small businesses.