It was a night like no other for a group of women like no other.

On Friday, nine women took center stage in San Marcos to vie for the title of Miss Beautiful San Marcos.

The contestants, all with a disability, showed off their best beach wear and formal attire and -- in pageant tradition -- answered a question.

In this case, the question posed was simple: What do you like about yourself?

"I'm smart, and I'm kind. I love my family," said Hannah Grace Dray.

"I like that I put others before myself, like my family. I like that I have autism," said Hayley Trimble.

Each answer was special and personal in their own regard.

As the judges totaled their scores, the group anxiously awaited outside, with the anticipation growing by the second.

Then, there was the call to come back in.

All four finalists were called to the stage, leading up to the winner: Kia Davis.

Stacey "Queen Bee" Becza, last year's winner, took the stage to award Davis her crown.

"I'm shocked," said Davis, who finished in fourth place in last year's competition.

"I feel happy, very, very happy," Davis said, with a smile firmly planted on her face.

"It gives them a chance to shine. Because they always watch everybody else do their things, and they watch other family members get to get a trophy for this, an award for this. And now they have something they can do and be proud of," said Emmalee Taylor, Davis' mother.

But while that crown is naturally the center of attention, it was just one reason why the night was so special.

"You should have seen them in the dressing room. They were just hugging each other, helping each other dress, telling them how beautiful they all look," said Taylor.

As names were called, the contestants cheered as hard as they could -- genuinely happy to see success for others.

Before KVUE's interview with Davis, another contestant, Belinda Sue Embrey, walked up to take a picture and give the winner a kiss on the cheek.

There was just one crown awarded, but nine winners were in the room.