More than a hundred volunteers lined up at the Meals on Wheels Central Texas building to deliver food to the elderly and disabled on Thanksgiving. Among them were a few familiar faces from the State House and even Hollywood.

There was quite a frenzy at the Meals on Wheels event with Texas Governor Greg Abbott and actor Matthew McConaughey being there. But the event was really about spending quality time with those in need during this day of giving thanks.

"They don't know who I am, they don't know I'm in movies or anything, I just introduce myself as Matthew, and they're just happy that someone has taken the time out on Thanksgiving to come by, bring the meal,” said McConaughey.

One by one, the volunteers, including Governor Abbott, stopped by each home, dropping off the Thanksgiving meals and swapping stories.

"It was amazing, she used to drive for Meals on Wheels, and so it was exciting to see a woman, who helped deliver food to others, to be on the receiving end of what she used to do,” said Governor Abbott, talking about one of his recipients of Meals on Wheels.

The volunteers delivered meals to around 500 people in need for the holiday. However, KVUE noticed something that wasn’t on the Meals on Wheels menu on Thanksgiving: Turkey!

"The day before Wednesday, we want to make sure all 2,600 of our clients get a taste of Thanksgiving, so the traditional Thanksgiving meal was provided yesterday,” explained Seanna Marceaux, Nutritionist for Meals on Wheels. “While today, we have roasted pork with gravy, which is still a nice treat for Thanksgiving."

For those who received the meals, they told KVUE that it makes a world of difference.

"It means a lot to me, because you never think that we're going to need them one day and we do, and I'm thankful for Meals on Wheels,” said recipient Betty Zapata.

Other volunteers said it’s about connecting with those in need and sharing the holiday spirit.

"It's not just our holiday, it's everyone’s,” said volunteer Morgan Dhee.

Organizers said there is a need, not only during the holidays, but all year. If you would like to volunteer for Meals on Wheels, click here.