Power will be cut off to approximately 300 inundated homes in West Houston that were flooded by the release of water from the Addicks and Barker-Cypress reservoirs.

A mandatory evacuation order has been issued for flooded homes south of I-10, north of Briarforest, east of reservoirs and west of Gessner. Now, Centerpoint will turn off electricity to inundated homes in the zone starting 7 a.m. Sunday. Electricity will not be turned off to unflooded homes.

WATCH: Mayor calls for new evacuations in west Houston

According to Mayor Turner, the mandatory evacuation order is to prevent harm to residents and make first responder work more feasible in that zone. People in about 115 homes have already evacuated voluntarily. Thousands more need to be evacuated, according to Fire Dept.

Water releases from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may result in standing water in homes for two weeks.