Mayor Steve Adler led the Austin March for Truth Saturday, which is part of a bigger movement in more than 140 cities. All supporters are demanding action from government leaders.

"A lot of things may have changed last November, but one that did not change is who we are in Austin, Texas,” Adler said.

The main concerns voiced at the rally: Denying climate change, social security benefits and health care coverage.

Dana Mills said she doesn't want to see things digress.

“I'm old enough to remember that and I'm not going back,” she said.

Many of the marchers also called for an independent commission to investigate President Donald Trump's alleged ties to Russia and for officials to provide as much information to the public as possible, including the release of his tax returns. Protesters also demanded that if crimes were committed or if collusion is discovered, it be prosecuted.

“There are more allegations into the Trump administration and it's going deeper and deeper, and I don't think we are getting the whole story,” Mills said.

Speakers told crowds they must do more than march, such as electing candidates that will break barriers.

"We know there are transparency issues, we know there are ethics issues and financial issues, and people just feel helpless about that,” said Manor Councilman Ryan Stone.

Stone, who is also campaigning for a spot in the House, said the only way to gain trust back is to be completely open with the public.

“[The] truth will always come out,” Mayor Adler said.