In one of their first public meetings, the Mayor's Task Force on Institutional Racism and Systemic Inequities released a 70-page report targeted at "continuing the dismantling of institutional racism and systemic inequities in the Austin region."

Mayor Steve Adler talked with KVUE's Jason Puckett this week about how critical actions are needed to better the situation in Austin.

"Race is a big concern in this city," he said. "We're losing people and we're losing communities in this city. If we lose the diversity that drives our creativity, our city will change. We're really in a fight ultimately for Austin's soul. It is no less important than that." 

Mayor Adler said that creating the task force was not only the first step towards change, it was a necessary step away from talk and towards action.

"The whole purpose of the task force report was to move away from 'meaningful conversations' which we've had for a long time in this community," Adler said. "Now we're working to actually come up with a list of specific things we can do."

The task force and Mayor Adler broke down Austin's issues into five separate categories, each with their own potential solutions - the full report can be read by clicking here.

"It all begins with looking at ourselves and realizing that the impact that race has had on our lives," Mayor Adler said. "I think that given the economy we have in Austin, the strength, the people that we have in this city, the innovative spirit that we have in this city and the community values put Austin in a place where we need to be figuring this out so we can share best practices with cities all over."