Since 1990, chief meteorologist Mark Murray has been the face of KVUE. He’s been there for viewers every night and has led the area through everything Mother Nature could throw at us. But after 26 years, Mark has decided to head off into the proverbial sunset and retire from KVUE.

Murray made the announcement Monday informing the staff that his final day would be April 22.

“Mark has saved countless lives and property over the years, by giving our viewers and readers life-saving information at all hours of the day and night,” KVUE news director Frank Volpicella said. “When I left the newsroom at night I knew that the weather department was fine in Mark’s trusted and capable hands.”

Mark has been interested in weather since 1979 when a tornado took aim at a radio station where he was working. That led him to pursue a degree in meteorology and in 1990, he and his wife Crystal moved to Austin and established himself as the weather authority in central Texas.

In his time at KVUE, he’s covered floods, droughts, ice, snow, tornadoes, and hurricanes to name a few. But through it all, he’s been more than just a meteorologist at KVUE.

“Off the air, Mark was the face for many of our community service projects, among them the March of Dimes and Coats for Kids,” Volpicella said. “In his more than 25 years at KVUE, Mark helped raise a lot of money for charity and he helped warm thousands of children who otherwise would have been left cold.”

Murray has also inspired a new generation of meteorologists, among them, KVUE’s Albert Ramon. Many may not know the story, but when Albert was in fourth grade, he wrote a letter to Mark telling him how much he admired him and how one day he hoped to be a great meteorologist just like him.

Mark replied to Albert with an autographed picture with a note on the back that said, “Good luck becoming a meteorologist. Thanks for watching!”

Mark Murray's note to a young fan named Albert Ramon.

“I am proud to have called him my boss for the last six and a half years, but more importantly he has been a mentor and a trusted friend,” Ramon said of Murray.

And that is just part of the legacy that Murray will leave at KVUE. He made a positive impact on everyone he came across whether it be coworkers, friends, or viewers.

While everyone at KVUE wish all the success and happiness in the world as Mark begins the next chapter in his life; the staff is sad that he won’t be a part of our everyday lives.

“KVUE is losing someone special,” Volpicella said.