A Dallas Police officer is getting a new chance at a full life thanks to the generosity of a Marine and a family that has lost a husband and father.

Marine Sgt. Payton McCarty was riding his motorcycle home to Waxahachie late one night just over two weeks ago when he lost control and crashed.

"He was gone and they resuscitated him," said Josh Forner, McCarty's brother-in-law. "That gave [the family] three or four days of closure, and that allowed time so he could be a donor."

Forner, a Dallas Police Officer, had just heard a few days before that one of his brothers in blue was in need of a kidney transplant. Officer Bryson Brown was diagnosed with kidney disease due to hypertension and has been searching for a transplant for 15 months. He had recently shared his story with his fellow officers after trying and failing to find a match multiple times.


Forner was in Brown's police academy class 10 years ago and said that he thought of helping him himself.

"I was going to consider giving Bryson a kidney, and then this incident happened," he said.

Forner mentioned to his sister and transplant doctors that he had a friend on the transplant list. Doctors did some tests and found that McCarty was a match.

"It was a miracle," said Forner. "For it to be somebody that you know, is unheard of."

Brown went into surgery last Friday and is said to be doing great.

"We're told the organ and everything are functioning fine," said his father, Dwayne Brown, himself a retired DPD officer.

Monday, McCarty's wife, Brittany, and Forner were able to see Brown at Baylor Hospital.

"Just to know that Bryson's okay and doing better than expected, and going to get home sooner than expected, that's Bryson's strength. That's Payton's strength," said Brittany McCarty.


The transplant will allow Officer Brown to work, and hopefully, return to patrolling the streets.

"He doesn't want to be behind a desk pushing paper," said his father. "He loves patrol."

McCarty is survived by his wife and two young children. He will be buried at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery Tuesday.

It's a burial for a hero who will continue to serve, even after his death.

"He definitely gained some family," Forner said of Brown. "But we gained some too."

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the McCarty family.