An elementary school in Manor has a new creative way to combat bullying.

Blake Manor Elementary recently released a video of students, Pre-K to fifth-graders, having a flash mob to the Rachel Platten "Fight Song" in honor of their "No Place for Hate" school activities this year.

The video above was filmed and produced by Lamont Scott of DroneSix.

Janet Ward, Blake Manor's school counselor told KVUE, "We identified the song as a strong message for self advocacy and standing up to difficult situations."

The school wants students to focus on standing up to bullies, and being an "upstander" when helping fellow students deal with such situations. Ward said, "I wanted to help to build a strong school culture that gives the kids a positive focus that they can all relate to."

Filming the video only took one day, and each grade level was filmed dancing in a flash mob in different locations throughout the school. However, every Wednesday morning since August, all of the students would practice and learn the dance moves, counting as their morning movement activity.

"We really wanted to infuse a positive self advocacy message into our school culture." Ward said.