A man who Manor residents said was wearing a clown mask and knocking on doors Thursday was arrested, according to the Manor Police Department. The man's family said that the situation was a misunderstanding.

Lavalle Ross, 18, was arrested in the 200 block of West Wheeler Street off of Lexington Street after police received phone calls from residents about a man wearing a clown mask knocking on doors. When officers arrived, Ross was not wearing a mask, but had one with him.

Police said Ross was arrested on a charge of failure to appear for possession of marijuana. A woman who was with Ross, 20-year-old Crista Estrada, was arrested for a previous warrant of terroristic threat.

Estrada's grandfather, Jerry Estrada, and step-grandmother, Debbie Estrada, said that the situation is a misunderstanding.

According to Jerry and Debbie, Ross and Crista came to their house in the 200 block of Wheeler drive around 10 a.m. to have breakfast with them. They said that Ross is Crista's brother-in-law.

Ross entered the home with the mask on. Jerry and Debbie said that, to their knowledge, Ross and Crista did not knock on anyone else's door. They believe that a neighbor saw Ross enter the house with the mask on and called police.

The family stated that Ross got the mask at H-E-B Wednesday night and that the situation was innocent. The family provided KVUE with this photo of Ross wearing the mask:

Photo of Lavelle Ross wearing the clown mask he purchased.

Jerry and Debbie told KVUE that Crista's previous terrorist threat was related to a family dispute that took place last year.

Police officers siad that they believe the situation was a misunderstanding.