Police have identified a suspect who they believe shot a man in the face after the victim said he tried to give him fake money for weed.

On Oct. 7, police were called to the 7300 block of Duval Street shortly after 7 p.m. where they found a man with a gunshot to his right eye. He was taken to a hospital, where he later told police about what he said happened.

The victim told police that a friend reached out to him saying that a man later identified as Davien Ray Walker, 18, was looking to buy a quarter of a pound of weed. When Walker arrived at the victim's apartment, the victim said he showed Walker the bag of weed and asked for money. When the victim realized the money was fake, he said Walker pulled out a gun and shot him in the face before grabbing the bag of weed.

Walker then allegedly turned toward the front door of the apartment, but wasn't able to get out due to a faulty deadbolt lock. The victim's girlfriend said he started to wave the gun at everyone inside the apartment as he tried to open the door. The girlfriend said she raised her hands and told Walker she would unlock it for him. Once she was at the door with her 3-month-old child in her arms, Walker allegedly pointed a gun at her head and then at her child's head as he said, "Are you trying to play games with me?"

The girlfriend said she was then able to open the door before Walker fled on foot.

Police were later able to identify Walker through Snapchat. Police said he was positively identified by the witnesses in a lineup.

According to police, Walker faces a charge of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.