An allegedly drunk driver who said he drove home Sunday night because the wait for a cab was more than two hours due to the Austin City Limits Festival has been arrested after a cyclist was struck and severely injured.

According to the Austin Police Department, officers were called to a location off of South First Street Sunday night where an unresponsive cyclist was bleeding from the head. The cyclist was taken to a hospital, where police said medics discovered he was bleeding from the brain, had multiple lacerations and abrasions, multiple rib fractures and a punctured lung.

A witness told police that a pickup had collided with the cyclist, but continued driving without stopping. The witness got the license plate number and gave it to officers.

An officer looked up the license plate number and went to the address associated with it. Shortly after arriving, a pickup with damage and scrape marks drove up to the residence. The driver -- identified by police as Zachary Davis, 39 -- initially told the officer that he had consumed two margaritas, but later said he had consumed three beers.

Davis allegedly told police that he "shouldn't have been driving," but that when he tried to call a cab, "with ACL going on, it was going to be a 2 hour wait," the affidavit said.

Davis was placed under arrest and charged with accident involving injury and intoxication assault with a vehicle, according to online records. His bond has been set at $85,000.